Do you require a video that grabs the viewer and ensures that they carry on watching for when they key information is displayed? Our experience here at RS Creative of providing top standard videography makes us stand out. We have proven ability in converting your ideas into real, exciting and captivating videos for your promotional needs. Our understanding of what attracts viewers, maintains attention and interest will ensure that your needs are met. We will work with you to achieve these aims, keeping you involved throughout the process.

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Case Study – Summit Instructional Videos for Mountney

Mountney approached us to create a series of instructional videos for their Summit roof bars and accessories. They were having fairly consistent problems with customers making similar mistakes during the installation of the products and they were looking for a simple and accessible way to prevent those issues. They also wanted videos that were in keeping with their brand image and distinguished themselves by being of very high quality.

We produced a series of six videos over the course of a couple of weeks. The footage was all taken within a single day of shooting, with the remaining time allocated to post-production. As we had consulted with Mountney thoroughly about their expectations (through meetings and a detailed questionnaire), the production went really smoothly and they were very pleased with the outcome.


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