We offer a diverse range of photography solutions to meet your requirements. Whether this be photos of events, buildings, products, food or headshots—we are confident that we can provide outstanding results.  The first stage of the process is to meet with you and understand what it is that you require. We will work with you in order that you are confident in the service and product that we offer.

Take a look at some of our recent photography work.

Case Study – The Ramada Hotel

Recently, we were approached by the Coventry Ramada Hotel about providing food photography of their newly designed menu. We started the whole process by sitting down with the General Manager and the Head Chef to discuss the look and feel they were looking for. In these conversations it became clear that they not only were changing their menu, but were adopting a whole new ethos as a restaurant – sourcing local, organic ingredients and providing fresh, honest and innovative food.

Our goal was to show these values in the images we created, and therefore chose to not only showcase the final dishes, but also the fresh ingredients used by the kitchen.

Part of the brief was that the restaurant wanted to use the images as part of different advertising campaigns and therefore needed space to include graphics and writing alongside the different dishes and foods that we photographed. This resulted in a few of our favourite photos that included a lot of what is called “negative space”, i.e. the subject of the photo being off centre intentionally, leaving plenty of background to include written information.


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